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Assisting Cancer Survivors in West Virginia

As experienced insurance providers, we know how traumatic and life-changing it can be when a family member receives a diagnosis of cancer. Nearly always, such a diagnosis takes a family entirely by surprise.

Shepherd Insurance Group is announcing a campaign to provide support and assistance to families in the Berkeley County area who have a parent or child that has received a cancer diagnosis or is currently hospitalized for cancer treatment.

Ambassadors for Families Battling Cancer

Shepherd Insurance Group is recognized as a Regional Ambassador in the #AgentsofChange network for the West Virginia eastern panhandle, and we are committed to working toward the health and betterment of the Martinsburg community. During this campaign, our team will be supporting a number of local initiatives and agencies that provide logistical support, counseling services, improved quality of life, or financial assistance to families with a child or parent overcoming cancer.

We are counting on your help to reach all the families in our area in need of assistance.

Help Us Reach Local Families

To help us reach families in need of assistance, we’re asking you to invite your friends, relatives, or co-workers into Shepherd Insurance Group for a free insurance consultation. While they’re here, we will offer them more information on our campaign to assist families facing cancer. Afterward, we will send out a contribution IN YOUR NAME to one of the programs or agencies in our area offering support to cancer survivors.

Providing Help to Those in Need

Please join us in helping families in our community that are starting down the difficult road of battling cancer. By working together, we can provide meaningful help to those who desperately need it.


John Shepherd

Shepherd Insurance Group

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