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Auto Insurance

What is Auto Insurance and Why You Need It

Automobile insurance, an insurance policy that helps to protect drivers against the financial losses experienced after an accident, is mandatory in every state of the United States except New Hampshire. If you own and operate a motor vehicle for either business or pleasure in this country, you need to have at least the minimally mandated amount of car insurance required by your state to cover you against damage to your car as well as expenses related to personal injuries in the event of accident.

Whether you are a student driving a jalopy, a middle-aged business person or a retired senior citizen, you need to invest in this type of insurance policy, one that meets your specific needs. The great thing about auto insurance is that an experienced insurance agent can tailor it to fit your needs as well as your budget. Depending upon your current financial circumstances and the value of your car, the auto policy you select will be different than one purchased by another family member or neighbor.

This type of insurance offers protection against damage to your car as well as personal liability for any injuries or even death that occurs to another individual as a result of you being at the wheel of a car when an accident occurs. Depending upon how detailed your policy is, this type of insurance can also help to pay for medical expenses incurred, loss of wages, and repairs to property as well as all vehicles involved in an accident.

Car insurance can provide liability protection, comprehensive and collision coverage, as well as medical payments coverage for you, your passengers and others who may be harmed as a result of an automobile accident in which you are one of the drivers. The major benefits of having car insurance is financial coverage for vehicle and property damage, coverage for medical bills due to injury or death, and protection against liability lawsuits if the accident was due to your negligence. Investing in an auto insurance policy that meets your financial needs offers you peace of mind whenever you are travelling by car.