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Workplace Benefits


About 57% of people looking for jobs put a lot of consideration on the type of benefits a company is providing before accepting their job offer. Workplace benefits insurance is the indirect assistance offered to employees in addition to their salaries. It gives an employee financial confidence and also acts as an incentive encouraging them to work harder.

Other than free food and Wi-Fi, companies have realized the need to offer more serious perks or benefits. Some benefits such as social insurance are mandatory according to the law while the rest vary from one company to another. With companies offering all sorts of benefits to attract talent and retain employees, there is a great confusion as to which benefits are of higher priority. This is precisely why the following types of work benefits insurance have been recommended for you:

Long-term Care Insurance

This is an insurance policy which covers basic needs over a long period of time. It pays for the daily care you might require due to long-term defects such as disabilities, chronic diseases, accidents, and aging. The insurance covers home care, adult day care, nursing home, among others.

Disability Insurance

In case of a disability hindering an employee from completing their work normally, this policy replaces their possibly lost income.

Accident Insurance

You never plan for accidents to occur, therefore, you will be greatly inconvenienced if they do. This insurance offers you money to see you through accidents as an employee.

Critical Illness/Cancer Insurance

If diagnosed with a critical disease during the policy term of this cover, you are offered money to support your basic needs and medical attention.

Universal Life Insurance

The policy allows you as an employee to save money and have your life insured at the same time. It also enables you to leave cash for your beneficiaries.

Your performance as an employee is greatly affected by emergencies at home, financial uncertainties and health issues. Having them all covered gives you confidence to face another day be more productive at work.